“Doctors long believed that infants do not feel pain the way that older children and adults do. Instead, they believed that the infants' responses to discomfort were reflexes. Based on these beliefs, it was a routine practice to perform surgery on infants without suitable pain relief up until the late 1980s. Even now, infants may receive less than ideal pain relief. For example, a review found that although newborns in intensive care units undergo 11 painful procedures per day on average, more than half of the babies received no pain medications. Some guidelines continue to emphasize that for infants cuddling and feeding are more important sources of comfort than pain-relieving drugs.” 

While not specifically mentioned in the study, the practice of male infant circumcisionmay constitute the most egregious example of a medically unnecessary procedure. It is arguably responsible for extensive psychological and emotional damage within the male psyche due to the unacknowledged pain and trauma it has exacted in the millions that have involuntarily undergone it without adequate pain management. 

Indeed, male infant circumcision is 1 of 6 of the most commonly performed medical procedures and responsible for 1.108 million hospital stays in 2011. The United States has the highest circumcision rate in the world, with an estimated rate of 69-97%, followed by 70% in Australia, 48% in Canada, and 24% in the United Kingdom. This is all the more concerning considering that circumcision is one of the least medically justified interventions from the perspective of evidence-based medicine. FULL DETAILS HERE:

Be aware that the video below describes the very worst of birth nightmares. Important though to know how to avoid them.

Are you exposing yourself to high levels of emmenagogue and abortifacient foods like turmeric, parsley, cinnamon, pomegranate, gogi berries, pineapple, fennel, celery, root chicory, papaya, aloe vera juice, yarrow tea, licorice root, chamomile, rosemary, oregano, basil, thyme, cumin seeds, burdock root, lavender oils/shampoo and many more,
while trying to get pregnant?


These foods are a form of contraceptive against pregnancy.
Why are these foods so dominant in our food stores and why has no one brought public attention to the method of population control through food - an issue in on our publicly accessible food supermarkets.

Herbal abortion was the common birth control method up until the 1800s when clinical abortions began to be more commonly used,
- more accurately described as forced on the people.

Salem witch hunts tortured and murdered great medicine woman/practitioners in the early 1800s which would inevitably be the end of matriarchy and the beginning of patriarchy. During this time and the hundreds/ thousands of years before this shamans who were also medicine peoples were killed and hunted down, so many went to hide in mountains and hardy bush lands for generations to come, waiting for the right time to bring back their great knowledge.

Today herbal abortions are still safer than clinical abortions and carry no big side effects that clinical abortions do. They are significantly cheaper and are prescribed for woman no more than 8 weeks pregnant. Taking herbs to induce an abortion (not miscarriage) after 8 weeks is dangerous and can put your life at high risk. This is at the confidentiality of the person and their free will choice. I can only advise.

I have successfully carried out multiple herbal abortion under the professional supervision and advice of a medical health practitioner and healer. I have practiced for 7 years and have had a variety of people who have come looking for non-pharmaceutical treatment and successfully cleared of cancers, anxiety, pain, depression and traumas.

I offer woman advise on herbal dosage of abortifacients herbs (induce abortion), paired with emmenagogue foods (which fool the physical body into thinking it is not pregnant), and how to get pregnant as many of our foods are emmenagogues which prevent us from conceiving and carrying the child successfully to 3rd term.

With this advisory, the spiritual plays a great part in this, 
so a releasing ceremony is necessary for the mother and child. This continues the bond of both spirits and great understanding between the two why now is not a good time for the mother to carry on this great responsibility. If the mother is in doubt of willing the release of the child, it is likely the herbal abortion will not work.

A wonderful and alternate act can be brought to the child who is warmly welcomed in this time. This ceremony is intended to strengthen bond and connection of mother and child, making the pregnancy certain and supportive for the carrying of each other. This is a great responsibility to bring a child into the world where you, the mother, are ready.

Many warrior woman and woman who wanted to conceive later in life, lived on a diet of emmenagogue foods so they would not become pregnant and free to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Woman bring the spirit into physical manifestation by union of masculine and feminine through the energy portal of her womb. Immaculate conceptions are not unheard of and this is also a form of magic using the balanced masculine when masculine is balanced in woman. Men can often develop milk from their nipples to feed baby, so everything is possible in the open mind, which can also then manifest easier into the physical.

The moment a woman conceives, and when she is connected to the spirit in such a way that her spirit does not be too influenced by the outward distractions not generally found within her, she will instinctively know the moment and night she conceives.

Another facet of this knowing.

People will oft be negative towards others' presence of knowing. It is a joy to share this knowledge but not always warmly received by those who do not understand. Move away from these people as they will discourage and may attack your gift of knowing if you do not be humble enough for them on their own journey. Many are not ready yet for this information and fight the person who delivers it.

It is easy to research and get a list of emmenagogue foods ticked off for your consumption or avoidance.

Gra Mhor,
Your indigenous sister xx