Less than 2% of people used to get cancer, now it's 50%.

THEREFORE it cannot be genetic, genes don't work like that!

The problem is that doctors are taught to believe that cancer IS genetic. The pharmaceutical companies base all their "cures" on that premise. Little wonder that the drugs don't really work.

Biopsies are dangerous and can cause metastases, consider this test instead  http://navarromedicalclinic.com

This short film brilliantly explains the true nature of cancer and what you can do.

A best selling author and doctor explains cancer from another angle

The herb!

An ex oncology nurse of 16 years explains the horrors of hospital oncology and suggests sensible alternatives


 A Pictorial Narrative of An Amazing Melanoma Recovery:

There is a cancer virus! It was put in polio vaccines!

Anti-cancer mineral baths

Skin cancers can be reversed with cannabis oil applied externally, salves if used with knowledge and care and an eggplant derived product called Curaderm.