Introducing E-CBD.

The ultimate CBD oil.

The whole world knows about CBD these days as it’s benefits have been widely publicised in the mainstream media. Even Holland and Barrett sells CBD cannabis extract now!

The big question as always is who can you trust?

How do you know which CBD to buy from the hundreds of brands out there?

There are many variables and I will list just a few of them.

1 Which strain of plant was used

2 Was it indoor or outdoor grown

3 Were chemicals used in it’s growing cycle

4 Which country was it grown in

5 Was it made form male or female plants

6 Were chemicals used in the extraction process

7 Is it the whole plant extract or just CBD alone

8 Has it been mixed or cut with other oils

9 Is it a natural low THC wild strain or a hybrid

10 Is it a GMO

So what are the criteria for a top grade CBD?

Research shows that a wild strain, grown in sunshine, without chemicals is ideal. 

Research also shows that water, oil and alcohol extracts are superior to hexane, super critical CO2 or butane gas extraction. Of these the water extraction has many benefits and this is the method used for E-CBD. Why do most people not use water extraction? Because it takes up to 5 days while the hexane, alcohol and gas extractions take as little as 3 minutes.

Why E-CBD? 

E stands for entourage. The entourage effect is the beneficial synergy of the whole plant. Most CBD’s on the market are extracts of just the CBD fraction. E-CBD is a whole plant water extract including the naturally occurring high CBD fraction, in balance with hundreds of other effective fractions such as THCA, CBDA and CBG. ECBD also contains coconut glycerine and traces of purified water and hemp seed oil.

Will E-CBD get me high?

It can have a feel good factor but will not get you high, having a legally allowed low THC content.

What is CBD good for? 

Decades of research conclusively show that CBD can be an effective pain killer particularly for relieving inflammatory pain. CBD has also long been shown to be an effective anti anxiety remedy.

I was about to print a list of every illness that CBD has shown results for but realised that the list would be ridiculously long. Here is a link to scientific articles that back up it’s curative and restorative powers:

Is a high THC oil better? 

Yes but it can affect your ability to drive and think etc

Does E-CBD work for pets

Anecdotal evidence suggests yes but I advise starting with tiny amounts only and not use it if the pet is on drugs from the vet.

How much E-CBD do I take?

That varies but many use 0.5ml or 1 ml a day

How much does E-CBD cost including postage?

10ml is £63 for a 10 or 20 day supply

30ml is £159 for a 30 or 60 day supply

50ml is £259 for a 50 or 100 day supply PLUS FREE MEMBERSHIP TO THE SECRET HEALTH CLUB normally £99