Clive de Carle explaining health. Note that all the essential nutrients are needed to be fully well, not just the ones mentioned:

We are just in the process of uploading our own videos to Steemit as it is advert free. Steemit is different as it creates cryptocurrency and is a new model for a more wonderful world.

Important information here from Dr John Bergman

Dr Daniels MD from Harvard, discusses real health:

Ozone, Neural therapy and stem cells:

Extend your life with tests and how to use Vitamin C:

EMF and your health:

Autism. One of the causes it seems is Paracetamol/Tylenol+Vaccines
Cuba has had little rise in autism despite vaccinations, find out why:

Compilation of interesting health videos:

Higher side chat

Why They Are Killing Doctors
95 doctors and health specialists 'commit suicide' or die in strange circumstances.

Here is why they whacked Dr Jeff Bradstreet

A brief overview on Steemit, blockchain and crypto currencies