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Vol. 12, Issue 2. March 2005

How pigs can help you look—and feel

15 years younger in just 3 months

By Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.

Cell therapy has a safety record "light-years” better than FDA "approved” patent medications.

Cell therapy doesn't use stem cells from human embryos. It relies on specific organ or tissue

"This therapy has two major applications, both of which can revolutionize your health: It can help improve the health of specific organs or tissues, and it can make you look and feel decades younger."

Stem cells have been causing quite an uproar lately. They've been "all the rage" in scientific circles for over a decade. Tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars have already been spent research- ing them. But since they come from human embryos, there's lots of controversy surrounding their use. All controversy aside, though, stem cells do have enormous promise, because they have the potential to turn into any type of body cell or tissue. Someday, they could make it possible to grow brand-new hearts, livers, or other organs and tissues in living human bodies to repair or replace badly damaged organs. Of course, this sort of stem cell therapy is very likely to carry an enormous price tag, too, when and if it becomes available for "everyday” treatment.

But there's another form of cell therapy (just called, appropriately enough, cell therapy) that's often quite effective in rejuvenating and restoring function to poorly functioning or aging tissues and organs. It's been around since the 1930s, hasn't cost taxpayers a dime, and has been used to treat dozens of high-profile peoplePope Pius XII, Winston Churchill, and Marlene Dietrich, just to name a few—not to mention literally millions of not-so-famous people. And with very few adverse episodes in over 70 years of use,

improve the health and function of specific organs or tissues. Of course, if you're using it to improve a specific health concern, odds are you'll also get the antiaging benefits too.

The truth hurts As simple and effective as it is, you probably haven't heard of cell therapy-for the same reason you haven't heard of so many other natural therapies: the FDA. Until Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) in 1994, the FDA made it impossible for "free" American citizens to get cell therapy in the USA at all (of course, an American could go to Switzerland for the treatment). When the DSHEA law did pass, cell therapy treatments finally became possible in the USA-but you still won't hear or read any advertisements about it. Unlike all those patent medicine ads you're bombarded with every time you turn on the TV, the FDA prohibits manufacturers and suppliers of all natural productsincluding cell therapy productsfrom advertising the truth about what their products may do to treat any illness or disease. (There

cells (heart, liver, adrenal, etc.) from embryonic animals. Most cell components, including DNA, from animal cells overlap remarkably with human cells. But unlike stem cells, which can theoretically become any cell, the doctor performing cell therapy must select which specific types of animal embryonic cells will help your body the most.

The extra step is well worth it though. Cell therapy has two major applications, both of which can revolutionize your health. The first use is general anti-aging: Cell therapy can make you look and feel decades younger, especially if

if you're 65 or older. The second use involves "targeted therapy" to

which has cost over $150,000 to W establish in court.)

But those of us who use these

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FDA in the hotseat-and guess who's tuming up the heat? 5

The "ulcer infection" that could be wreaking havoc on the rest of your body 7

Dr Jonathan V. Wright's

cell therapy (continued from page 1)



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treatments every day in our practices can tell you the truth about their benefits.

So let me tell you about a few Tahoma Clinic patients who all underwent cell therapy treatment in the 1990s.

2 patients shave years off their age Mr. Thomas didn't actually have any specific health problems he needed help with. His main concern was what he called "the dwindles." He told me that he'd expected the glasses and the hearing aid; his father had had those, too. But he said he didn't expect that he wouldn't be able to chop wood or go for a long walk without getting out of breath. And he didn't appreciate needing naps in the daytime; even at 83, he felt he had "too much still to do in life.”

He'd been to the "regular" doctor, who gave him an examination, blood tests, and a treadmill EKG, and told him he was "in fine shape for his age.” He'd also been to an alternative medicine" doctor, who found he needed hydrochloric acid-pepsin with meals and digestive enzymes after meals, put him on replacement bio-identical testosterone, and helped him with his supplement program. He felt better, needed fewer naps, but there still was something missing.

I checked him for amino acids and minerals and found them still low despite the progress he'd made with his other natural therapies. So I had him take the series of mineral and amino acid IVs we've used at Tahoma Clinic for over 20 years for individuals with poor digestion (see the July 2004 issue of Nutrition & Healing), and he reported he definitely noticed an improvement. But he was still upset that he couldn't do "near what my father could at 83."

So I suggested anti-aging cell therapy. I mentioned there were no guarantees, and that the cost of an over-all program was between $3,000 and $5,000, but that the odds were that he would notice even more improvement. One of his primary concerns was how long the improvement would last. I told him that, according to the originator of cell therapy, Dr. Paul Niehans of Switzerland, cell therapy might need to be repeated every three to five years to maintain it's effects. He thought for a minute, and then said "Let's go for it!”

He took a series of cell therapy injections over three weeks. He started to feel a little better after a month, but things really took off the third and fourth months after his first injection. He could chop all the wood he wanted, go for long walks, and "do everything else Dad did at this age, and then some."

Then there was Mrs. Winters, who came in at the urging of her son and daughter. They'd seen the effect of cell therapy in a relative who had gone to Switzerland twice for it before it became available in the U.S. They said she'd come back looking 10-15 years younger, and they hoped it would do the same for their mom now that it was available in the U.S.

Like Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Winters had also seen a series of

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2 Nutrition & Healing March 2005

"regular" medical doctors and most of my patients suffering from "alternative medicine" doctors weak adrenal function: to add salt and was being treated for diabetes to everything as much as she and a mild form of congestive could stand. Salt gets a bad reputa- heart failure. She was taking a tion because of it can raise blood not-overly-long list of patent pressure—but that's a good thing medications and a longer, but very with weak adrenals. The clinic appropriate, list of supplements. nutritionist also recommended At 78, her digestive function that she follow a high-complex- tested very close to normal, and carbohydrate diet, which is best for other tests weren't far off.

weak adrenal glands. In addition, Over the next three weeks, Mrs. she also started taking vitamins, Winters took a comprehensive cell minerals, and herbs (especially therapy program, with additional licorice) to support her adrenal emphasis on heart and blood function even more. I also vessels. She started to feel better in about a month, and found she logic doses of bio-identical cortisol, could walk further and further but she said she'd heard too many without getting out of breath. horror stories about cortisone, and When she went to visit some decided against it. relatives in California a few

But over the next few months, months later, she was told that she even without the cortisol, her too looked 15 years younger. blood pressure rose to an average

New cells give your own the

102/60, she was less dizzy when she stood up rapidly, and she could

she could tools to help themselves

get more done before becoming too One of the youngest patients to

tired to go on. Her follow-up receive cell therapy at the Tahoma

adrenal test was closer to normale Clinic was Ms. Quinton. She was

but still on the low side. I mentioned 33, but was so tired she "couldn't get out of bed without getting

was still wary and wanted to find a dizzy," and couldn't exercise

way to get her own adrenal glands because the activity made her feel

to repair themselves. worse, not better. At 5 feet 7 inches, This is exactly the sort of problem she weighed only 122 pounds, and

that "targeted" cell therapy can be her blood was pressure 95/55 lying very good for: helping our bodies to down. When she stood up, it

repair one or a few weak, underdropped even further. Although she

functioning organs or tissues. I was a classic picture of weak

recommended she consider taking adrenal function, she'd been told

the cell injections: mostly adrenal by several "regular" medical

cells, with some pituitary, doctors that it was "all in her

hypothalamus, thyroid, ovary, and head.” She knew it wasn't, so she

placental cells (as recommended by decided to try alternative medicine

Dr. Niehans). She said she felt for the first time.

more comfortable with that We started by testing her adrenal

option—trying to give her body the function. The tests showed that her

materials to repair itself, rather adrenal glands made less cortisone

than taking a replacement and cortisol than normal when they hormone, even a bio-identical one. weren't stressed, and even less when So over the next month, she took they were. Considering her

the recommended series of cell symptoms, this made perfect sense. iniections. She started to feel better

I gave her the same advice I give after the first week. By the time she

was finished with her injections, her dizziness was completely gone, her blood pressure was up to 110/65, and she decided to go back to work. She continued her excellent diet with added salt, and all her adrenalsupport vitamins, minerals, and herbs. By the end of the year, she'd gained 8 pounds, and said she felt just fine.

70 years of success As I mentioned earlier, cell therapy has been around for over 70 years. One of Dr. Niehans' most prominent cases occurred in the early 1930s, when a patient who'd just had a large goiter (enlarged thyroid gland) removed was referred to him. Unfortunately, the surgeon had also removed all of her parathyroid glands, too. Since the most important function of the parathyroid glands is to regulate calcium levels in the blood, she was calc really in it really in trouble. Her blood calcium dropped rapidly to very low levels, which caused unco uncontrolled weakness and muscle spasms. Ordinarily in the 1930s), the death rate from this condition was 100 percent.

To treat her, Dr. Niehans extracted parathyroid cells from an animal and reduced them to an injectable form, then injected them into one of the patient's pectoral muscles. Within hours, she stopped spasming and got stronger. Her blood calcium rose to normal, she had no further calcium problems, and she lived well into her 80s. and

Although this case is often cited as the beginning of cell therapy, Dr. Niehans had been working with the technique since 1927. He started out by transplanting animal pituitary cells to young human dwarves, and found that it helped them grow up to 13 more inches. He had also used posterior pituitary cells to treat some cases of unusual thirst due to

(continued on page 4)

Nutrition & Healing March 2005


cell therapy (continued from page 3) a condition characterized by uncontrollably excessive urination called diabetes insipidus (which actually has nothing to do with the form of diabetes you're used to hearing about). The cell therapy caused all the symptoms to disappear entirely. And when he treated arthritis patients with adrenal cells, once again, the cell therapy led to significant improvement and relief.

For the first few years, he used cells from cow glands and tissues. As his work progressed, he switched to sheep cells, in part because sheep rarely develop cancer, and that would add an additional level of safety to the therapy. He also started using only cells from sheep embryos, since embryonic cells of any species don't cause immune reactions when they are transplanted.

Originally, Dr. Niehans used only "fresh cells," taken directly from the animal or animal embryo. At first he surgically transplanted them but later he developed a soluble and injectable form. But this method wasn't always practical, since fresh cells need to be used right away. So he worked with the Nestle company (yes, that Nestle company) to develop a method of freeze-drying cells so that they could be stored indefinitely for later use.

Today, there are a handful of companies providing embryonic cells and membrane-free cell preparations from pigs, shark, and sheep. Pig cells are the most common, and that's the form we use at the Tahoma Clinic.

Busting the quackbusters' flawed arguments against

cell therapy Dr. Niehans' version of cell therapy has also met with its share

of controversy, though for different second implies that the injected cells reasons than stem cell therapy. are unlikely to reach target Critics claim that the science organs." But there have been several behind it is flawed. From what I've studies proving that they do. For read, it's these arguments that are example, in one trial, radioactively flawed. But here's a sampling of "tagged” embryonic cells from a what they have to say:

specific organ were injected into According to a website run by adult experimental animals. so-called "quackbuster" Stephen Researchers found that 75 percent Barrett: "The theory behind

of the radiation was found in the cellular therapy is senseless... Under same specific organ in the adult ordinary circumstances, cells from animal. If the radiation showed up the organs of one species cannot in its targeted location, that means replace the cells from the organs of the cells containing it must have also other species. When foreign

reached their destination. proteins are injected, the immune Other researchers fed young rats system attacks them.”

radioactive amino acids, so that As is so often the case with their body proteins became these sorts of self-proclaimed radioactively "tagged." Then they "quackbusters," Barrett doesn't injected cell extracts from the rats' have a clear understanding of the hearts, kidneys, and livers into process he's passing judgment on other animals. Two years later, they Cell therapy does not try to replace could still find traces of the tissue"cells from the organs of one specific radioactive material in the species" with "cells from the recipient animals' corresponding organs of other species.” What it organs: radioactive heart extracts does is provide a nearly identical went to heart, kidney to kidney, mixture of organ-specific or tissue and liver to liver. specific proteins, enzymes, DNA, But Barrett didn't stop there. He and other cellular components so also fell back on his usual scare that the ailing human organ or tactics, giving some dubious tissue has everything it needs to "horror stories" about bad effects repair itself.

and deaths from cell therapy. He Barrett also appears to be noted 50 serious and 30 fatal amazingly ignorant of the well reactions reported by 179 German established fact that, except under hospitals. Of course what he didn't very rare circumstances, embryonic mention was that follow-up cells do not induce an immune investigation showed that the cells system attack, even when they're used were not embryonic cells, but injected into another species. cells from already-born or full-term

In the same website article, animals, which are much more Barrett also writes: "Products are likely to have immune-systemobtained from specific organs or triggering reactions. (On a side tissues said to correspond with the note, I wonder how many unhealthy organs or tissues of the thousands of people died in those recipient. Proponents claim that 179 hospitals from "regular" the recipient's body automatically treatments—but that's a topic for transports the injected cells to the another time.) target organs, where they suppos With this sort of uninformed edly strengthen them and

propaganda against it, it's no regenerate their structure."

wonder you've never heard of cell The first sentence is true, but the therapy.


Nutrition & Healing March 2005

First hand experience with

cell therapy success Dr. Niehans used cell therapy for a huge list of conditions without a single instance of serious or fatal side effects. Listed below are just some examples of conditions cell therapy can benefit:

• growth and development


• anemia

• recurring miscarriage

• infertility


• both high and low blood


• Meniere's disease

• heart and circulatory weakness

• menopausal symptoms

• prostate enlargement

• edema

• intermittent claudication

• arteriosclerosis

• memory loss

• insomnia

• depression

aware that the best results with

• anorexia

anti-aging usually occur in those of . tinnitus

us 65 and older.

• excessive perspiration

As I explained to Mr. Thomas

• asthma

back in the '90s, there are no . arthritis

effectiveness guarantees with cell Other practitioners and clinics therapy—or any other treatment. report success with psoriasis, But after 10 years, I've found that eczema, narcolepsy, cirrhosis of the only a small number of individuals liver, and chronic weakness of don't experience any effect. A few nearly any organ.

others experience only a little. Whatever the specific health Fortunately, though, the majority problem, if there's a reasonable have significant improvement. certainty that specific organs or Although clinics in Switzerland tissues are involved, it makes sense and Mexico advertise cell therapy to consider the risks and benefits of on-line, I couldn't find any American a "self-repair" with cells from the clinics listed. I've been doing cell same organs or tissues extracted therapy at the Tahoma Clinic since it from animal embryo sources. became legal in 1994 and know a

But probably the most frequent few other American physicians who use for cell therapy is as part of an use it. Check with a physician skilled overall anti-aging program. I've and knowledgeable in natural and seen how effective it can be for this nutritional medicine in your area, purpose in many patients—and in and you'll likely find or be referred myself-over the years. Just be to someone. JVW

A century of FDA scandals: You won't believe what even the Feds are saying Late last year, patent medicine off) the market for decades.

As far back as 1965, the FDA giant Merck finally took out the And if you dig deep enough, there was drawing similar criticism. white flag and surrendered to the are actually a number of instances According to a speech made by undeniable research showing that where los Federales themselves admit Senator Edward V. Long: its arthritis formula Vioxx

the fact that the FDA's priorities are "If the Food and Drug Adminisincreases heart attack risk. There out of whack. Here's a statement tration would spend a little less were Congressional hearings, media from a report written and published time on small manufacturers of publicity, and a quite unusual degree in 1990 the General Accounting vitamins and milk substitutes and a of public criticism of the FDA. My Office (GAO):

little more on the large manufacpersonal favorite was an editorial "GAO found that of the 198 turers of...dangerous drugs...the cartoon of a large bottle labeled drugs approved by FDA between public would be better served." "FDA-Approved Drug” featuring a 1976 and 1985..102 (or 51.5

-Senator Edward V. Long, 1965 hearings of side-panel warning: “CAUTION: percent) had serious postapproval the Senate Subcommittee on Administrative FDA APPROVED DRUG.”

risks...the serious postapproval risks Practice and Procedure (cited in The Dictocrats As a Nutrition Healing reader, (included) heart failure, myocardial by Omar V. Garrison, ARC Books, New York you've been aware longer than most infarction, anaphylaxis, respiratory City, 1970, page 30) of the dangers of patent medica- depression and arrest, seizures,

Even former FDA commissioner tions, FDA “approved” or not. The kidney and liver failure, severe Herbert Ley acknowledges that: Vioxx scandal is nothing new at blood disorders, birth defects and “People think the FDA is all; lethal and potentially lethal fetal toxicity, and blindness."

protecting them—it isn't. What the FDA-approved patent medications -GAO/PEMD 90-15 FDA DRUG REVIEW: have been on (and sometimes back POSTAPPROVAL RISKS 1976-1985, page 3

(continued on page 6)

Nutrition & Healing March 2005


FDA scandals (continued from page 5)


FDA is doing and what people think it's doing are as different as night and day." —Dr. Herbert Ley, former FDA Commissioner, San Francisco Chronicle, January 2, 1970

How the patent medicine industry keeps its consumers close, and its regulators

even closer Like nearly all other Federal "regulatory agencies," the FDA has gradually been "captured” by the very industries it's supposed to regulate.

Unfortunately, the capturing of "regulators" by the "regulatees" is common knowledge in the nation's capital, but little known to the American public. Regulatory agencies are usually formed as the result of some sort of public outrage over a particular problem. But eventually the public loses interest, and that's when the industries being regulated move in for the kill. With no one really scrutinizing them, they gradually start striking agreements, slipping things past, hiring (at much higher salaries) employees of regulatory agencies, getting their own employees hired by the agency regulating them, and just generally (for lack of a better term) "sucking up to the agency regulating it until it "captures" it.

But back to the FDA in particular. In 1906, Congress passed the Food and Drug Act in response to scandals in the food industry reported by Upton Sinclair and others. The already-existing Bureau of Chemistry (then a division of the Department of Agriculture) was given the responsibility of implementing and enforcing the law. But it didn't take long for the Bureau to get "captured." In 1929, Harvey W. Wiley, M.D., the Head of the Bureau from 1906-1912,

published a book with the following title, word-for-word: The History of a Crime Against the Food Law: the Amazing Story of the National Food and Drugs Law Intended to Protect the Health of the People, Perverted to Protect Adulteration of Foods and Drugs. — (full text with illustrations of this book is available at 0303critic/030305wylie/030305toc.html)

Congress and other Federal agencies have known about this problem for decades. For example:

"A General Accounting Office (GAO) study of FDA in 1975 revealed that 150 FDA officials owned stock in the companies they were supposed to regulate."-Barry Lynes, The Healing of Cancer, Marcus Books, Queensville, Ontario, 1989, page 22

Aspartame came out of selfinterest, not public interest

Then there's the notorious case of former FDA Commissioner Arthur Hull Hayes. Prior to his appointment in 1980, an FDA committee of scientific experts had voted 3-2 against the approval of aspartame (the safety of which has been debated for years) as a food additive and sweetener. In an unusual step, another "expert” was appointed to the committee, and voted to approve aspartame, keeping the issue alive with a 3-3 "tie vote."

In April 1981, Dr. Hayes became FDA Commissioner. In an unorthodox move for someone in this role, he intervened in the activity of the expert committee and cast the deciding vote to approve aspartame. A few months later, Dr. Hayes left the FDA and took a job with aspartame's advertising agency, Burson-Marsteller.

Still surprised by the Vioxx scandal?

Getting back to the health

of the matter The 100th anniversary of the original Food and Drug Act is just a year away. I know I'm dreaming

here, but why not return to the original intent of the Act—to protect the public health-in time for that 100th anniversary in 2006?

While we're at it, let's remove the regulation of food and food supplements from this agency altogether. Why? Because of FDA's incurable, 100-year-old antinatural-health bias. Here are a few examples of its attitude about natural medicine:

"We are fighting) the good fight against dried vegetables, mineral mixtures, and similar products."

-Dr. Geroge Larrick, FDA Commissioner. Minutes of the Proprietary Association, 1949 convention, White Sulfur Sprngs, Virginia (as reported by Omar V. Garrison in The Dictocrats, ARC Books, New York, 1970, page 30

“The FDA... [is] actively hostile against the manufacture, sale, and distribution of vitamins and minerals as food or food supplements. They are out to get the health food industry and drive the health food stores out of business. And they are trying to do this out of active hostility and prejudice."

United States Senator William Proxmire, National Health Federation Bulletin, April 1974 Nation

And the FDA isn't shy about its motives for it's anti-vitamin and natural health stance:

"...the task force considered many issues in its deliberations including: to insure [that] the existence of dietary supplements on the market does not act as a disincentive for drug development." -FDA Dietary Supplements Task Force Final Report, June 1992, released June 1993, pages 2 and 71

Unless Congress and the President make fundamental changes in the patent-medicine "approval" and "regulatory system, it'll be "déjà vu all over again"—with many more unnecessary deaths from "approved" patent medications—and not just once, but dozens of times over the next two to three decades. JVW


Nutrition & Healing March 2005

11 things you can eat or drink to knock out the hidden factor behind chronic—even deadly-disease

By Kerry Bone

It's been about 20 years since researchers first determined the link between infection and stomach ulcers, pinning down a specific bacteria called Helicobacter pylori as the culprit. Now, it's considered the No. 1 cause of ulcers and gastric cancer. Those aren't the only problems Helicobacter can cause though. In fact, the majority of the people who test positive for it don't have ulcers or stomach cancer. But that doesn't mean they're not affected negatively by it. Helicobacter infection can lead to lots of different and seemingly unrelated health problems, from intestinal parasites to autoimmune diseases to skin conditions. On the bright side of all this, research indicates that getting rid of Helicobacter infection can help eliminate these problems entirely.!

Of course, the most common treatment for Helicobacter is a combination of three antibiotics taken for one to two weeks. In this case the mainstream conventional therapy may be the best option as your first line of defense. But there are drawbacks you should be aware of: Even one antibiotic can wreak havoc in your system, reducing all the beneficial bacteria, called microflora, your body needs to function properly right along with the Helicobacter. This can cause digestive upset, yeast overgrowth, and a number of other problems. And if one antibiotic can do all that, imagine what taking three might do. There are some ways to avoid these problems, or at least minimize them, the best being to take probiotic supplements like acidophilus along with the antibiotics. There are occasions, though where the antibiotics just don't

work, or aren't advisable based on malabsorption, particularly the patient's particular situation. vitamin B12, iron and other That's where herbs step in

vitamins and minerals. But before I go into detail about

Curing a deadly the herbs, let's take a look at one of

blood-clotting disorder the newest discoveries about

without Prednisone Helicobacter and how it could be affecting you right now.

But the effects of Helicobacter

infection itself can reach beyond Is bacteria sucking up your

the digestive tract and stomach acid stomach acid?

output. In some cases, its presence If you've been reading Nutrition appears to upset the normal & Healing for a while, you

functioning of the immune system, probably remember seeing the leading to chronic disorders and terms “low stomach acid" and even autoimmune diseases. "hypochlorhydria.” Dr. Wright has Take idiopathic thrombocybeen instrumental in bringing this topenic purpura (ITP) for example. condition to the attention of the It's an autoimmune disease that medical community. The basic idea causes the blood to leak from fine behind hypochlorhydria is that low blood vessels. In many cases, levels of stomach acid can result in people with ITP die because they numerous health problems (too don't have enough platelets for many to list here). For the most their blood to clot. part, it's been generally accepted Ordinarily the "only” treatment that decreasing levels of stomach for this is months—even years of acid are a normal part of aging, treatment with Prednisone, an albeit one that is often overlooked

artificial form of cortisone, which by mainstream physicians.

can cause bone thinning, hyperten

sion, suppressed immune system, July 2004 suggests that it may not and cataracts. Now there may be be a natural decline after all, another option. Helicobacter might be to blame. It One investigation of 16 can cause a condition called

patients with ITP found that atrophic gastritis that has been Helicobacter was present in 87 linked to low stomach acid output. percent. But eradication of

As you've read in these pages Helicobacter led to a complete before, the implications of low levels remission of ITP in more than half of stomach acid are far-reaching. It of these patients. Dr. Wright tells can cause digestive problems such as me that no one in the pain, indigestion, abdominal swelling pain, indigestion, abdominal swelling doing this to treat cas

doing this to treat cases of ITPor bloating, nausea and vomiting. yet. But now any natural medicine It can also lead to microbial doctor who reads this can start contamination of the small

testing and treating their patients intestine and even intestinal with ITP for Helicobacter, and in parasites, since gastric acid is the many cases curing the problem first line of defense against these without Prednisone. organisms. Finally, low gastric acid can lead to nutrient

(continued on page 8) Nutrition & Healing March 2005 7

Helicobacter (continued from page 7)

first, or if you should go straight to the (more risky) conventional antibiotic treatment.

If you decide to go with the herbal approach, there's garlic, especially as the fresh crushed clove.! Unsweetened cranberry juice and green tea (without sugar) are also good options. Cranberry juice has been shown to prevent Helicobacter from sticking to the stomach wall and the tannins in green tea are active against the bacteria.15.16

Other herbs shown to be active at fighting Helicobacter (at least in test tubes) include cinnamon, thyme, and turmeric. 171* The essential oils of lemon verbena and

lemon grass are also effective and make pleasant teas that you can

drink on a regular basis."

But the most potent herbs found to date are goldenseal and rhubarb root." In fact, one clinical trial on rhubarb showed that it has an 89 percent success rate in treating Helicobacter. Make sure to take these herbs separately, not together.

Just keep in mind that herbal therapy does take longer than antibiotics—four to six weeks as opposed to one or two. But herbs can be used long after the infection is gone. KB

Citations available upon request and on the Nutrition & Healing website:

Helicobacter could be written all over your face

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition with a connection to Helicobacter. Even "conservative" medical circles have started to acknowledge that there may be an association between Helicobacter eradication and improvement of rosacea. In fact, in many cases, eliminating Helicobacter has resulted in complete recovery from this stubborn skin disorder.10.11

There is also a strong association between Helicobacter and an allergic skin condition called chronic urticaria, and eliminating it has resulted in clinical improvement in 73 percent of patients. In fact, treatment against Helicobacter should be considered for anyone with a chronic skin or autoimmune disease who tests positive for this organism. According to one group of Japanese researchers: "In chronic skin diseases, persistent infection with H. pylori may be an eruption trigger and may cause deterioration of the disease into an intractable and chronic form."15

Herbs that will stick around

for the long haul If you have any of the conditions listed above, consider getting tested for Helicobacter. If you test positive, consult your physician about whether to try the herbal route

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