B12 deficiency has the same symptoms as MS, Parkinson’s and other myelin issues

YOU can make a difference

Harj is a highly intelligent, kindly man in his thirties who can't move. Imagine you can't scratch that itch. Now imagine you can barely do anything. Harj needs your help. Technology, better nutrition and supplements could help him enormously. He can just about use a keyboard luckily and he wrote this about himself:

Hello my name is Harjinder. I'm 38 and suffer with multiple sclerosis. Being in wheelchairs for five years and yes life is hard but never stop believing in hope because miracles happen everyday. I was married for seven years but my wife was not happy so I said go I will be ok by myself. I didn't want her to have the same life I had. But out of my marriage had a son who is now six years old. I want to get better and get my life back and show him life and take him out and about places.

To help Harj please donate to: Sort code 05 04 07 Account number 44966888
Mr H Gandham