Dr Mercola '“vanished” from google, Kerri Rivera vanished from all platforms and now:

The Australian government ban Barbara O’Neill !!!!

Anti-vax naturopath banned after watchdog puts bite on her claims

The Sunday Telegraph

April 13, 2019

A naturopath has been banned from providing any health service by the Health Care Complaints Commission. 

Barbara O’Neill has been under investigation by the health watchdog for making false claims about cancer and vaccinations, and for recommending inappropriate substitutes for infant formula.

Naturopath Barbara O’Neil has been banned from providing any health service. Picture: Facebook

Ms O’Neill runs Misty Mountain Retreat, near Kempsey, and charges as much as $3100 a week for health retreats and cancer “treatments”.

The HCCC launched an investigation after receiving complaints from concerned citizens and registered health practitioners.

However 22,000 supporters have signed a petition appealing the HCCC decision.

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Ms O’Neill claims antibiotics cause cancer and “neurotoxins in vaccines have caused an epidemic of ADHD, autism, epilepsy and cot death”.

There is no scientific evidence for any such links.

Proof that their is an evil agenda behind vaccines

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