The area of the male body with the most ZINC is the prostate. SELENIUM is also prominent in the prostate so ensure you are getting enough minerals. The prostate needs physical activity to function well. If you are spending your life sitting down and not being active, issues can occur. Healthy bowel movements are needed to massage the prostate regularly. Understand that most prostate cancer will never progress to a dangerous stage and is best not diagnosed or treated. The PSA test is NOT specific to the prostate. NEVER have a biopsy, never get tested! 75% of high PSA tested people do not have prostate cancer. Tests are more dangerous then th cancer risk! Strengthen your immune system. Clive.

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A common cause of prostate enlargement is due to progesterone deficiency, yes men do need progesterone now and then especially if you are more than 40 years old, and it will work overnight in some cases and apply just a little anywhere, say 1/8 teaspoon once every 3 days should be sufficient, but today the physicians simply remove them, which hides the potentially damaging effects of progesterone deficiency which could spread to the other organs, such as kidney condition. So I would apply that first, take some aloe oil, or aloe extract tablet only 50-100 mg is more than enough and don't take more of that, maybe just for a week. The extract you need far less than what the supplement industry gives you. There is assam tea that has been a proven cure in Thailand to help lower the creatinine levels and improve on the kidney function, it's a tea -- one teaspoon of it in hot water prepared as a tea and taken at least twice a day. It takes about one month to see improvement. Ginger root extract, or ginger root pills are taken twice a day with meals is fine, say 500 to 1000 mg, The most common deficiency in amino acids that has to do with kidneys is the threonine, 1000 mg x 2, and perhaps some BCAA at only a fraction of that, say 500 mg would be fine. Assuming the blood sugar is normal, my standards are always below 90 mg/dL, and most mammals are in fact somewhere below that too. 

The most important thing is avoid artificial sweeteners and fructose as it is damaging to the kidneys by causing metabolic acidosis, where the urine pH is below 6.0 but I have seen in kidney or end stage renal failure it is actually below 5.5 pH. Getting the pH back to normal at near neutral at 7.0, or at least above 6.5 will get it back to normal as the acidic urine is one of the cause for kidney damage, the other ones that you know already is excess protein that is not essential amino acid, high blood sugar, high blood pressure (usually due to heavy metals like cadmium). Avoiding meats and consuming fish would be better. I suspected vitamin K2 plays a role here in hardening of arteries going to the kidneys, and eating butter (preferably raw butter) such as a small slice of butter once a day would help. From: Ted

Earth clinic says:

Our most popular remedy is cayenne pepper, and other users have recommended bee pollen, propolis, apple cider vinegar, and blackstrap molasses.

I had a significant amount of blood in the semen after several years of an enlarged prostate. Over a three week period of no sugar, carbs or alcohol, juicing huge quantities of raw vegetables, eating large amounts of raw ginger and turmeric, as well as a baking soda/blackstrap molasses protocol over an eleven day period and taking 1000 mg of niacinamide per day and Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex for parasites, I am clear.


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