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The biggest health secret ever........................

Vaccines and why you don't want or need them. Start at 19 minutes in:

The keys to health, from an orgasmic birth to autism recovery, joint rebuilding and regaining full range of movement, to regaining your brain:

A Harvard educated medical doctor, Dr Jennifer Daniels explains the risks of drugs, surgery and radiation and why she now uses a natural approach:

Dr John Bergman explains how to heal everything:

Water and how to structure it with MJ Pangman. So many people ask what they should do to their water, here's the answer:

Home birth or hospital and safety? Home birth is safer. Here's why: 

Reversing blindness with ophthalmologist Dr Jerry Tennant: 

GcMaf David Noakes explains why 'they' don't want you to know:   

Teeth. A dentist, Alison Adams, speaks out about the criminality that is most dentistry. Dental work is decimating the population with mercury and root canals. Over 90% of women with breast cancer have root canals:  

Teeth part 2. How to fix them with Ramiel Nagel:

How to lose weight and reverse alzheimer's:

Pain relief in minutes. Amazing Russian technology. You will want one. Also helps reverse blindness:  

Autism and recovery. The great Kerri Rivera: 

Autism and recovery. The great Dr Jeff Bradstreet, murdered for his work:

How to read faces with Naomi Tickle:  

How to spot a psychopath. Vital information for all:  

Thyroid health and what to tell your doctor:



Another doctor who died a very strange death speaks about cancer. Dr Nicholas Conzalez.

You can see here why he made enemies of the cancer industry:

...Dr Andrew Wakefield.