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  1. Sunday 22nd July with Clive de Carle  6 pm to 8pm UK time.

A message from Lynne Franks about the new events being held in August, one for women and one for women and men, jointly with Clive de Carle at our new Treehouse centre, the home of the Secret Health Club.

Dear Sister & Friend, 

I hope you are having a wonderful summer in every possible way.  The sun is high in the sky, the fruits are growing on the trees, birds are singing their morning songs and women are gathering to celebrate themselves and each other.
I am writing to invite you to join me in the magic land of Avalon at the end of August, where I am holding our second annual Power of Seven Women’s Gathering at the Earth Spirit Centre just outside Glastonbury.
For two days, from the evening of Wednesday, 29th August until the afternoon of Friday 31st, we are working with my powerful Power of 7 archetypes to rebalance and harmonise all aspects of our inner selves, in workshops, dance, yoga, goddess art and sacred writing together with a unique Cacao Power of Seven Ceremony by Rebekah Shaman with a wonderful group of like-minded women with similar values and visions.
I am following our Gathering with an exclusive launch tea-party for attendees on Friday afternoon at my brand-new Somerset wellbeing centre, The Tree House, and the opportunity of joining an intimate group of women and men with myself and Natural Health Guru Clive de Carle for the weekend, enjoying a full-day workshop on health and wellbeing with Clive followed by one-to-one coaching with Clive and myself on the Sunday.
To welcome you to Somerset this summer, I have made seven little films in my beautiful back garden on the Power of Seven which I am introducing here and will be forwarding to you throughout the next few weeks.
So do come and join me at the end of this glorious summer where we can play, celebrate, grow and love.
See you in the Garden,

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Watch Lynne's videos:


Date to be announced soon:

Pain free & Bio resonance testing

Professional Course day with Clive de Carle and Richard Cumbers

9.30am to 5pm

Includes organic lunch

Note that you can come as a professional or as someone who simply wants to master their health at a professional level.

Clive de Carle invites you to an extraordinary day of life extending, health enhancing, happiness expanding, hidden knowledge.

Topics include:

How to be immune from flu viruses

Reversing joint and muscle issues

Regrowing dental cavities

Improving eyesight

Kickstarting your natural repair cycle

Sharper memory and ensuring a healthy brain longterm

The latest tests that show which supplements to take, which foods to eat and which foods to avoid.

How to have healthy, happy, bright children.

How nutrition can correct neurological imbalance

The ultimate pain relief device?

Stem cells, are they safe, effective and ethical?

And much much more

 + Q&A session.

Includes organic lunch 

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Any questions call Clive on 01672 564804  or I am easier to catch on skype:  clivedecarle