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Thursday 4th October with Clive de Carle.  

7pm UK time. 

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 Clive de Carle Talks & Workshops

The Secret Health Club, The TreeHouse, Wincanton, Somerset 2018

October 25th 

4-6pm Thursday Tea at The TreeHouse - Welcome from Lynne Franks and Introduction from Clive de Carle on Natural Health

November 3rd 

11am-5pm Saturday. Health Recovery & How to Rejuvenate Yourself Workshop with Clive de Carle 

November 22nd 

4-6pm – Thursday Thanksgiving Day Tea at The TreeHouse with Clive de Carle 

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

November 25th 

10am - 5pm Sunday. Lynne Franks & Clive de Carle Workshop – Healthy Body, Healthy Mind 

One-day workshop presented by Lynne Franks and natural health specialist Clive de Carle. We will be revealing how to elevate your life through purpose and natural health solutions to new and joyful heights.  The day includes a natural, delicious lunch and refreshments 
December 1st  

Wincanton Xmas Extravaganza - TreeHouse Stall (Hot  Raw Chocolate & Sugar Free Mince Pies)

December 6th 

4-6pm - Thursday Tea at The TreeHouse with Clive de Carle – Happiness & Health

2019 Workshops to be announced.

Clive de Carle is available for One to One Consultations throughout the year on Skype.  To book, please contact

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Nikos will be available for 2 one to one sessions after the event when you can experience the devices personally, by appointment.


CLIVE & NIKOS ARE OFFERING FURTHER CONSULTATIONS AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE THE EFFECTS OF BIORESONANCE FOR YOURSELF. The beauty enhancer will also be available along with the Pain Genie, PEMF by Swiss Bionics, used by Noel Edmonds as a major part of his recovery, and other technologies. Prices of consultations & treatments £150

More details on Clive de Carle's workshops: Clive invites you to an extraordinary day of life extending, health enhancing, happiness expanding, hidden knowledge.

Topics include:

How to be immune from flu viruses

Reversing joint and muscle issues

Regrowing dental cavities

Improving eyesight

Kickstarting your natural repair cycle

Sharper memory and ensuring a healthy brain longterm

The latest tests that show which supplements to take, which foods to eat and which foods to avoid.

How to have healthy, happy, bright children.

How nutrition can correct neurological imbalance

The ultimate pain relief device?

Stem cells, are they safe, effective and ethical?

And much much more

 + Q&A session.

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The Secret Health Club presents:


Discover how to:


with the latest in space-age health technology.

You are invited to join Natural Health Evolutionary Clive de Carle at the preview launch of The Secret Health Club at it’s new home, The TreeHouse in Wincanton, Somerset,  where he will be presenting two of the world’s top experts on the latest space-age healing technology

Clive is passionate about the natural ways we can heal ourselves of  the pain and sickness so rampant in today’s modern society,  where we are bombarded with dangerous chemicals in our food and water as well as the air we breathe.  

From his own experience, he does not believe that modern medicine can always help the problems we face, often adding more toxicity to that already housed in our bodies from living in the modern world.

Clive believes that the use of  treatment, based on knowledge and application of traditional herbal knowledge through supplements alongside the latest devices using cutting-edge science to diagnose and heal through bio-resonance and other energy sources, can sort out many  of the diseases and illnesses so prevalent today.

Any questions call Clive on 01672 564804  or I am easier to catch on skype:  clivedecarle