Here are the supplements that I take myself. I use Ancient Purity as my supplier of choice.

I am not a Dr and these are not recommendations as we are all different. I only take a few of the supplements below daily, as mainly I run on good food, biodynamic when possible.

Daily: I make sure I drink at least 2 litres of good water, some herbal teas and maybe a vegetable and avocado smoothie.

In winter only I take Vitamin D3 as I found my regular yearly colds ended as a result of using it. I eat organic grass fed animal products however if I wasn't eating those then I would also supplement with Vitamin K2 mk7

I take Perque Mg plus guard and Choline citrate to ensure ample magnesium levels as otherwise I get muscle cramps.

I love Fulvic minerals and use Celtic salt my favourite supplement of all

I often use: Lugols iodine when I need to, Vitamin C powder from Perque and sometimes Perque glucose regulation guard for my type 1 diabetic control. Sometimes I might take a Dr Mercola whole food vitamin and minerals supplement, 4 with lunch and 4 with dinner as a sort of all round multi.

I use colloidal silver once or twice a week and may detox with C60 charcoal if i eat out somewhere iffy. 

For those not eating lots of garlic,  ginger, eggs, broccoli sprouts or onions then I would use MSM organic sulphur.

If I have a skin issue I use ozonated olive oil to heal just about anything

I had a mole that dried up and went a dark colour which looked rather dodgy so I applied oregano essential oil on it and in a few days I couldn't even find the place that it had been. Be aware that oregano must not be used neat on regular skin.

I also use some of the amazing Remedy Link products to ensure a healthy  liver and gallbladder, good detoxification and parasite & biofilm removal but only from time to time

I use a Pain Genie for 5 minutes twice a week to make sure no bacteria builds up in my one root canal filled tooth. (Big mistake getting that root canal done!!) I also use it in my work with clients as it is amazing.