Biofilms are home to pathogenic bacteria and parasites and you almost certainly have them and you certainly don't want are some easy answers

How to remove toxic metals

How to remove chemical toxins

Sulphur is found in eggs, garlic, ginger, cruciferous vegetables, avocados and can be supplemented as organic sulphur. The benefits are huge, discover why...

Vitamin K2 is an overlooked vitamin and can be the answer to osteoporosis, high blood sugar, clogged arteries and much more...

At last, a liver gallbladder flush without any unpleasantness. 
Spencer Feldman explains his reinventions of classic health regimes, including a gentle effective chelator, a coffee enema without the enema and a biofilm remover. Also explained are safe ways to detox poisons and heavy metals. The castor oil pack redesigned as a patch, essential oil blends, solving testosterone and prostate issues and much more